Campus Conversations

Campus Conversations are a series of panel discussion which bring together college students and experts to discuss various issues that affect young people. The interactive sessions are meant to engage students and foster a culture of healthy sexual behaviour and attitudes. Campus Conversations are an initiative of Campus Moments Magazine in partnership with Sexual Rights Center Bulawayo.

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14 July 2017 – Tackling the Condom Shame 

Concept Note:

Development Objective(s):

  • To promote a culture of healthy sexual behaviour.
  • To increase awareness of Reproductive Health and Rights.

Program Details and Rationale:

Tackling the condom shame is a panel discussion which brings together students and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights experts to deliberate young people’s attitudes to the condom as a means of safe sex and contraception.

It turns out that whilst most sexually active young people are not ashamed to admit that they are having sex, they are embarrassed to buy condoms and other forms of contraception.

 This ‘shame’ leads to risky behaviours such as indulging in unprotected sex. Statistics show that the bulk of new infections are occurring among college –age young women(National Aids Council 2016).

Expected Outputs/Results:

To re-frame the act of buying contraceptive so it’s not a declaration of having uncommitted sex, but a smart choice to protect oneself against STI’s and unwanted pregnancies.

Contribution to the sustainable development agenda:

The panel discussion will contribute to the achievement of SDG number 3 to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for Zimbabwe’s youth.

Gender Strategy:

 This program has no explicit gender focus, young men and women are expected to benefit equally from the program.


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