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Ariana Grande Revealed Title & Song Of Her Next Album, So Of Course I’m Freaking Out RN

Carissa Dunlap | Emmerson College ’20
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It hasn’t been that long since Ariana Grande released her album Sweetener, featuring my go-to anthem “God is a woman.” But on Saturday morning, Grande confirmed that the title of her fifth studio album will be called thank u, next. That’s not all, Grande’s tweet also said there will be a song on the album called, “thank u, next.”

A fan tweeted at Grande, asking “song or album?” She then quoted and responded to the tweet with, “issa song and an album….you’ll get the song first.”

A lot of arianators theorized that Grande may have shown some of the lyrics for the song in tweets, earlier this week. The phrase first popped up on Ariana’s Twitter on Friday, where she might have been subtweeting her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson. Those tweets have since been deleted, according to Teen Vogue. But she has written the phrase so many times eventually fans caught on.

She continued on Twitter to reveal more about the next single, the next album, and potential collabs. Grand indicated in tweet that “thank u, next” would be the exact opposite of her song “Knew Better.” A fan asked if it would be a “track about empowerment,” and Grande wrote “Exactly… a new chapter gratitude, growth, embracing our path bumps n all…. thank u, next.”

In another tweet, Grande tagged fellow singers Victoria Monet, Njomza, and Tayla Park, writing “this what happens when u write an album w your best friends. Dig up all you old sayings and it ends up becoming the album title lmao.” The three girls also tweeted Saturday morning about Grande’s single and album. But alas, Grande says she plans to produce entirely solo work.

To add even more fuel to the already blazing fire, Grande shared a screenshot of her listening to what seems to be “thank u, next” from an album called “ag5 lmao.” That’s just cruel. 

All I know now is that this single and album seems like it’ll be a BIG mood, and I’m here for it.

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An Apology Is Not Enough For Sexual Harassment Ariana, Please Press Charges

Dear Ariana Grande

The evidence is overwhelming. The whole world was watching. Your breast was groped in front of the entire world. You looked uncomfortable. He also went as far as to insult your beautiful name whilst groping you. He violated you. He was so disrespectful to you. It’s not okay.

Let me tell you something about Bishops Ariana, well most Bishops, especially those highly esteemed by their church members, those who have prestigious yet ridiculous titles they haven’t earned like Archbishops, Apostles, Prophets, Most Reverend etc. For some reason, they always feel like they are above the law especially when it comes to women’s bodies. And the biggest culprits are the black self-proclaimed prophets. I know that to be true because I used to be a member of a black church.

I’m not surprised that during the late Aretha Franklin’s ceremony, Bishop Charles H Ellis III felt at ease…

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