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PAUDC Championship Comes To Zim

Staff Reporter

The Midlands State University has won the bid to host the Pan African Universities Debate Championship (PAUDC) in December 2016. The council committee accepted and approved Midlands State University to be the Host for the 2016 PAUDC.

This year’s championship will be held under the theme ‘Madzimbabwe’ derived from the ancient Zimbabwean empire Great Zimbabwe from which the country takes its name.

According to a statement from the MSU, this PAUDC will be the 9th edition of this prestigious competition.

The statement also emphasised that the competition is a great marketing and economic booster to Zimbabwe and the city of Gweru as hundreds of foreigners will be visiting the country and using  various services, products and infrastructure. This year will see a trophy being made in Zimbabwe that will be used for all future tournaments held by the PAUDC.

All events surrounding debate will be presented as ‪#‎road2madzimbabwe16‬.’We are honoured to follow this journey towards PAUDC 2016 in Zimbabwe!’, read part of the statement.

The MSU has consistently participated well in the previous competitions. The following exhibits the magnitude of achievements and honours the  Debaters won:

History made at PAUDC 2015 in Ghana

MSU was the 1st Zimbabwean Debate team to have all its teams breaking into the Octo Finals
MSU was the 1st Debate team to have a Female Public Speaking Champion
MSU was the 1st Zimbabwean Debate Team to be awarded best Adjudicator in Public Speaking
MSU was the 1st Zimbabwean institution to have two of their teams in the PAUDC semi-finals
MSU set a Zimbabwean record of having two teams breaking with a total of 20 team points
MSU is the 1st Zimbabwean institution to have teams breaking in the top 3 (2 MSU teams were in the top 3)
MSU was the 1st Zimbabwean Debate team to be in the PAUDC Finals
Awards & Achievements

2016 PAUDC official Hosts
PAUDC Council Deputy Executive Secretary
Overall Zimbabwe Best Speakers Award
Top Ten Best Speaker Award (position 4)
PAUDC Public Speaking Best Adjudicator
Top Ten Best Adjudicator Award (position 8)
PAUDC Octo-finalist (1 Team)
PAUDC Semi-finalist (1 Team)
PAUDC Finalist (1 team)
PAUDC Public Speaking Champions

( In picture: Eppnoggia Mutetwa, PAUDC 2015 Public speaking Champion)


‘The strong man inside her…’

Nomathemba Zondo

Have you ever appreciated the fact that you are a woman? Have you ever given yourself time to figure out why God made you to be who you are today and most importantly to be woman? Well, it is because you are a special creation which is strong enough to carry the burdens of the universe and to keep on keeping on just hoping for a better tomorrow.

Though society has often cultivated this mentality that women are sex objects and are subjects to male gaze,  I know for a fact that women are better than that. They are strong human beings who always push for things until they get results.

I appreciate the mother that I have  because through her I learnt that anything is possible and i can surely do ‘bad all by myself“. Yes she is married to my dad, she is a wife but that never stopped her from dreaming big. My mom never had the time to wait for my dad all day long to come back home from work then serve him with food and then go to sleep then do the exact thing the same day. She would wake up in the morning and go look for money by sellingamabhele (second hand clothes) so that me and my brother could go to school and have a bright future.

Despite the fact that this woman never had the opportunity to go to school because she grew up in a very patriarchal home where they believed there was no use of taking a girl child to school since she was going to get married and the husband would take care of her, she grew up and reversed this whole ideology by working hard to earn a living so as to also provide for the family.

She would spend sleepless nights on the road just to try and earn a living and not depend on her husband not because my dad was not earning enough but because she knew how to play her role as a woman. Just because society has constantly reminded you that you are a woman and your role is in the kitchen does not mean you have to stay in the kitchen!

I’m so inspired by her because I am the lady that I am today because of her. I know that being a woman does not bring limitations but its actually a bonus because i can give birth and  do more than the society thinks I’m capable of. As we approach the woman’s month, lets celebrate who we are as women. Embrace who you are because it takes you to empower yourself before you empower others.

Just like the economy, Zim’s education is headed for the drain

Sineke Sibanda

A statement from the University of Zimbabwe Students Representative Council caused my heart to sink for a while and to think that Zimbabwe was once known for the best brains in Africa, it would hurt to now think that it could all turn out to be a façade. It was ludicrously unbelievable that the breadbasket of Africa could turn out to be a bread-beggar as evidenced with recent news on shortages of various basic commodities such as maize among others. Sure, just like how the economy which was on the same performing level with that of China and Thailand in terms of GDP per capita in 1985 and now is missing in the global rankings, Zimbabwe’s education may take that route too, its standard recognition is close to being extinct.

A decade ago, industries were complaining that most universities were churning out students who lacked industrial backbone and suffered from knowledge deficiency. Come to think of it, by then, government was still subsidizing these tertiary institutions. Now that the government has put a full stop to that, I guess the country is yet to see the worst; a depreciation in education delivery, depreciation in student performance, depreciation in students’ lifestyles and a depreciation of the country, all because of the money, education has been moved from the centre, and money has taken the place. The institutions do need money, yes! But should it not be proportional to the service rendered?

Depreciation in education delivery will be inevitable at the once sunshine school of the country as the institution seeks to increase the number of students by means of instituting two intakes every year without instituting any adjustment to the staff and facilities at the college. One can only imagine that if a lecturer was attending to 40 students in one class in each stream, he or she had about 120-160 students every year. With the second intake, it means we multiply 120 by two, which gives us 240. Suffice not comment on the numbers, you can surely see the ridiculous mockery and insult to the education system. Is it just about the degree or it is also about the genuine quality of the degree? With time, Zimbabwe’s once recognized degrees in most developed countries will begin to be bogus and mere papers certifying students’ incompetence.

Another issue is the issue of students’ residential area. As we speak, the university of Zimbabwe cannot cater for all students’ accommodation. So where is the new crop of students joining in going to stay? Ordinarily, the general populace in Zimbabwe is broke and lives under $0.30 a day; there will obviously be need for new houses to be built, who will build them? The rich politicians? This reminds me of a concept mastered by a former students leader, Takura Zhangazha, ‘Disaster Capitalism’, a situation where you create a disaster and then you profit/benefit from it. This disaster being created here, from a distance looks so thoughtful, reasonable and absolute but in essence, someone has created an opportunity to loot from the already broke parents sending their children to school.

There has been a shift in dimensions in the policy of privatizing education, starting with the creation of many informal colleges, gradual increase in intakes every year, introduction of multi-campussing and that of annual double intakes pioneered by the Midlands State University. The goalposts have been disoriented and this has justified a nature of not exercising our intelligence in constructing counter proactive strategies other than all these reactionary strategies we are now implementing and are hurting every Zimbabwean. So you mean no one in the aging government foresaw the dwindling of funds and then advised on instigating a counter plan or a fundraising strategy to salvage any shortfalls? You mean all the other universities across the world are dependent on their governments to fund them? What other fundraising projects could be run to make colleges self-sustaining? Just last year, the UZ churned out 3 451 graduates, and you mean none of them had a research that could be pursued and later pay back or generate income for the university. If not, then what function are the colleges serving if they are not academically solving contemporary problems.

For how long has been the UZ since inception churning out students, how many researches have paid back in that big pool of graduates? This is so ridiculous, a lot of people have not been doing their jobs in these varsities other than slouching in their big chairs thinking of the next gimmick to generate and steal from students. What have the universities been investing in? One of the reasons why this country has taken a downward turn is because of the degrees awarded to selfish administrators with little or no brains at all.

This whole drama can be summed up in the words of one particular UZ professor who said the problem with Zimbabwe is that people want economic indigenisation without economic empowerment. There is lack of foresight, sustainable strategies and the ability to think beyond the obvious. The government can continue cutting all they want on staff, increasing the number of intakes and or of students, but this is all cosmetic and reactionary. There is need for winning strategies and genuine people doing their job, otherwise the country is headed for the doldrums; a point of no return…

One Thing You Must Do To Be A Successful Single

What if we could lead a successful single life by letting God work in us to be the person he wants us to be?
#Relationships #ChristianLiving


By Samantha Kuboni| NUST-ZW

Like a single pregnant woman, I have a need.

The kind that does not stop me from eating or wanting food that is out of season.

Like a drug addict, it does not get any better because the cravings are ulcerating,

cutting through my intestine,

making me bend over in agony.

Just like an abondoned baby with a cold cutting down its tiny spine,

tormented by hunger and yearning for its mother’s love…

I can not stop crying.

Like thirst that cannot can not be quenched

This need that I cannot satisfy is torture.

It is that kind of need.

I yearn for my mother’s love.

I can not shake off the disappointment that I have

to have to face the ills of this world without my rock

Left in the cold by cruel fate,

There are so many things that she could have taught me,

but one cannot choose how their life is to be.

I am saddened and burdened,

that there will be great & bitter moments in my life…

worthy to share, enjoy and lament with her,

unfortunately she is gone.

As i grow older and mature,

the ache for my mother’s love does not disappear…

it keeps knocking.

It is that kind of need…

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by Neddy Makonza | NUST, ZW

Have you ever had a sore throat? If the answer is YES, what did you do about it? Did you see a doctor or you just took some lemons or warm water? Strep throat or commonly known as sore throat is caused by group A streptococci bacteria and less commonly by other microbes.

It usually occurs in children and young adults. The infection can recede without treatment. This however has consequences as the years go by as it will lead to development of serious heart diseases. If strep throat is not treated it progresses to rheumatic fever (RF) then to rheumatic heart diseases (RHD) and finally infective endocarditis (IE). These heart diseases have a high mortality especially if discovered late.

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Treating strep throat with antibiotics can prevent rheumatic fever. Moreover, regular antibiotics (usually monthly injections) can pre- vent patients with rheumatic fever from contracting further strep infections and causing progression of valve damage. The global burden of disease caused by rheumatic fever and RHD currently falls disproportionately on children and young adults living in low-income countries like Zimbabwe and is responsible for about 233,000 deaths annually. Symptoms to watch out for risk of getting rheumatic heart disease are:

• A sore throat accompanied by tender, swollen lymph glands (nodes)

• A sore throat without cold symptoms, such as a runny nose

• A red rash that starts at the head and neck, then expands to the trunk and extremities

• Difficulty swallowing anything, including saliva

• Thick or bloody discharge from the nose

• A bright red tongue with bumps all over it, known as strawberry tongue

Acute rheumatic fever primarily affects the heart, joints and central nervous system. The major importance of acute rheumatic fever is its ability to cause fibrosis of heart valves, leading to crippling valvular heart disease, heart failure and death.

At least 15.6 million people are estimated to be currently affected by RHD with a significant number requiring repeated hospitalization. The end stage treatment is open heart surgery which is unaffordable and also unavailable in our country. Overcrowding, poor housing conditions, undernutrition and lack of access to healthcare play a role in the persistence of this disease in developing countries. The decline of rheumatic fever in developed countries is believed to be the result of improved living conditions and availability of antibiotics for treatment of group A streptococcal infection. Rheumatic heart disease and infective endocarditis are diseases that can be pre- vented if the initial causes are eradicated at the time of infection. So let us join together and have rheumatic heart disease free generation by treating sore throats.


“to gain muscle you
need to supply your
body with a suitable
amount of calories..”

by Lance Chigodo – Great Zimbabwe University

Most of the people believe loading extraordinary weighs in workouts and sweating your guts out in the gym is the real challenge and the right track to obtain “super duper” muscle gains or a cute bikini sexy body for summer but the real deal is way beyond that. It is so unbelievable and yet so true that one can get good results with less training or lose that pot- belly with less training. The secret is fighting the real battle which is right under our nose, in the kitchen.

During my experience in the different gyms I have been in most people train hard but they do not give a damn about nutrition. The time one spends in the working can possibly go down the drain when nutrition is ignored. I do not behold the best gains nor do I look very fabulously ripped but after noting that about 80 % of gains are in the kitchen I changed my attitude towards monitoring my nutrition. As a body builder to gain muscle you need to supply your body with a suit- able amount of calories.

The amount of calories you supply your body with should more than the amount of calories you use when working out. Portion sizes at meal time should be well controlled aiming to get 40-60 grams of protein and 40 to 50 grams of carbohydrates depending with your body size. This is meant to avoid fat storage pro- cesses in the body and dietary fats should be as low as possible despite healthy fats such as olive oil, fatty fish and nuts. The main trick here is to gain clean mass and get rid of dirty useless weight. Clean weight also enhances your performance at the gym or in your sporting discipline.

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The essentials in obtaining the body of your dream is adding essential protein supplying foods to your grocery, fruit/vegetables to supply you with vitamins to recover the dam- ages done to the body during training and water should be your best friend. “to gain muscle you need to supply your body with a suitable amount of calories..” Diet control may seem too boring or ex- pensive but it happens to be the real battle to consider fighting. Suitable diet can be obtained without using expensive supplements or protein shakes but adding more healthy food to your menu. An increase of egg whites, white meat, low fat milk, beans/ legumes, lean red meat, brown rice, whole wheat bread, nuts, bananas, apples, oranges and sugar free fruit juice could help you gain enormous gains with- out killing yourself with so much hard , exercises and heavy weights. With a protein to fat ratio of 60:1, egg whites are unquestionably one of the purest forms of protein in the world.

This magnificent muscle-building food also possesses an extremely high biological value. White meats such as chicken and turkey breasts should be a staple in every bodybuilder’s diet. Aside from providing an excellent source of high quality protein, they are also extremely low in saturated and transfats. Fish has an added advantage of essential fatty acids such as omega-3 to help support the muscle-building process. If you are serious about building muscle, you cannot ignore the power of beans and legumes. When people typically think of bodybuilding foods, they immediately refer to various lean meats, but what they do not realize is that the bean is a delicious and highly nutritious source of protein and fiber.

Lean ground beef and cuts of red meat are excellent mass building food sources rich in protein, iron, zinc and B vitamins. Red meats have a high calorie per serving ratio, making it an excellent choice for hard gainers looking to pack on some serious size. You also need a good source of slow-burning carbohydrates to fuel and sustain your muscles. Slow-acting carbohydrates found in foods such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes make the best pre-workout snack. When it comes to muscle builders, the first thing to come to mind is meat but water is essential to everyone. 70% of a human body is water and muscle, tissue cells and ligaments all contain water and most importantly, your life force – blood – is made up substantially of water.


Of stinking opinions ‘Why you mustn’t marry any Zim woman who is 25 years older’


I am not yet 25. I will be 25 soon. I don’t foresee marriage on the table by the time I’m 25. I’m not a seer, I just prefer to get married later than 25, if I get married before 25 it will be a good thing. If I get married after 25 or way after 25 it should still be a good thing.

Now, when I read the article about why one must not marry a woman who is 25 years or older I laughed. I laughed because I thought the author was really funny and had a ‘sweetish’ imagination. In my laughter I was offended, offended because I am a woman. Offended because of the way this author chose to depict a woman’s worth. But then, it was just an opinion-like armpits we all have them-yet some stink.

His opinion ignited a heated debate in the NUST library…

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By Senamiso Moyo
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World Peace, a term that has been thrown around so often when people are discussing their dreams and aspirations. When a pot-bellied politician stands on a podium making empty promises to his people, world peace or a contribution towards it is often mentioned. Yet, in the year 2015 where the world has surely become more connected thanks to technology and easy accessibility to any part of the planet, peace in the world is no more realistic than Greek Mythology.
This brings to mind the fundamental question for all young people. Why even in this time, are we still praying for World Peace? Maybe that is the issue, people are praying and we never truly know to who and for what they are praying for, if religion and prayer truly work then surely someone’s prayers would be answered if they wanted the extermination of all Zimbabweans or as we often see nowadays, a person subsequently killing in the name of a God. Perhaps Religion is the main hindrance of World Peace.
Watching the news nowadays it’s become increasingly apparent that the nation of Islam feels insulted and undermined by the rest of the world and they have decided to strike back in the name of their God, The war for the Gaza strip between Israel and Palestine is based on differing religious beliefs with the Muslims striving to see the Jews wiped off the face of the earth, closer to home Boko Haram is causing havoc in Nigeria in order to uphold the beliefs of the Islamic state and the stereotypical characterisation given to all these people by the more developed countries who feel their religious beliefs are more coherent only angers them and the result of this is that there is no peace in the world.
It’s a sad conclusion to come to especially considering what religion is meant to represent. The truth is that even the most seemingly peaceful beliefs such as Christianity are flawed by hypocrisy and to a greater extent a lack of respect for other beliefs. It would be fair to say that if the world was one secular state there would be no killing in the name of a God or anger brought through undermining each other’s beliefs, peace in the world would still be far off, but there is no doubt that we would be a step closer.
Featured imageSenamiso is a law student at the University of the Witswaterand.