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Diaries Of A Majestically Tall Girl

Sharon Mapoka | University of Zimbabwe
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My name is Sharon Mapoka. I’m a 19-year old Zimbabwean girl living with a rare height. I’m 6 feet 3 that is 1,94m. I’m a model.

I love pageantry because I have a great height.

I’m a basketball player. I’m proudly tall.

Not forgetting I’m family oriented. I’m currently studying Social Work.

I’m just a girl who is chasing her dreams. All thanks to my friends in all social media for supporting my dream. I have faced a lot of difficulties as a tall girl.

Insensitive people really made my life hell especially in high school.

Sometimes I wished there was a way I could get shorter, Height Reduction Surgery perhaps.

I then met a friend who has become a sister to me. Miss Gladys Mwedzi.

She advised me to be myself, she taught me self-love and motivated me to become the Queen that I am today. Being extraordinarily tall comes with more of hardships than benefits.

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I remember at school my history teacher used to refer to me as the Conical Tower found at Great Zimbabwe Ruins.

It was painful because people would laugh at me, I had to live with it. I was just a student so yeah there was nothing I could do. I have been called too tall.

People asking me why I’m this tall, as if I created myself. Only God has the reason to why he made me so! From being called ‘tower light’, tallest object, lighting conductor such was my life growing up. I think people should stop constantly making fun of my height.

Yes am tall, God made me so and I really like it like that. People should just learn to live with it and accept me for who I am.


As a tall girl shopping for clothing is a pain. Basically every pair of Jeans I own stops way above my ankles.

All thanks to the turn up trend, I wear my jeans that way. Dresses are always too short for me, the painful part is that those that fit are not nice most of the time. Not to mention my shoes.

I started having shoe size problems when I was doing form two. Since then I don’t remember owning a proper pair of shoes.

And recently I had to quit Miss Tourism Zimbabwe because I could not find stilettos that fit my foot.

I always wear these leather slippers made by the men in the street pavements.

Sometimes I envy other girls. How they rock heels, pumps e.t.c. I wish God sees me through so that one day I also get to own good shoes like everyone else.

It’s frustrating when heels are just what you need to compliment an outfit but you can’t wear them because you don’t own even a pair.

sharon tallest.png


So as I grew up most people used to say where will you find a partner of your height. This eventually became one of my greatest fears growing up, not being able to find a partner because of being too tall. And I still have the fear, wondering if I’ll ever find someone my height.

My Jamaican friend Miss Adrienne Bailey who is 6 feet flat also has the same fear. I have since

realized that it is a fear most tall girls have. Yes nowadays its normal for a girl to be taller than her partner. So, yeah, when I see a couple with this girl being taller I feel motivated.

But still it is this general thinking that the guy should be taller.


At school I was the tallest. I would feel out of place especially during assembly time. I tower over people when am standing but now I don’t care as much about it as I did then.

I hate attention but my height just brings more and more of it. It’s just hard to be tall. It’s a struggle to even go to town because you’ll know your height will call a lot of attention.

Well, in conclusion all I can say is that I have learnt to live with my height. I wish people would be kinder with their words and be aware of how badly they are affecting others by labeling them.

I may have stopped growing in height, but I will continue to grow to love my height and to love myself for who I am. I’m just perfect as I am.

And finally growing to be comfortable with my height makes me super excited. I thank my parents for this awesome height as I believe it’s going to take me places. They are both tall by the way. There are a lot of things to love about being majestically tall.

My heart hurts though because no matter how hard I try to make people understand my height. Some won’t stop trying me!

First published in Chinanaz Magazine_ UZ


Staff reporter | Great Zimbabwe University
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The Great Zimbabwe University Model United Nations Youth Club (GZUMUN) flew the University flag high in the 2018 Borneo International Model United Nations Conference that was held at Curtin University, Malaysia.

The University sent a participating four member team which included Simbarashe Chigumira who was assigned to represent the United States of America in the UN Security Council, Ivy Madziwo who was assigned to represent Turkey in the UN Development Committee, Brighton Zonge who was assigned to represent Thailand in the UN Security Council and Christopher Tinotenda Zvobgo who was assigned to represent Israel in the UN Human Rights Council.

The Model United Nations is a special initiative by Universities and other learning institutions around the world which simulates the proceedings and debates of the actual United Nations (UN).

Students are assigned countries and grouped into the different Councils of the UN wherein they debate various topics from the view point of their assigned countries. As such, the Great Zimbabwe University participating team put in their maximum effort and managed to scoop “A collective appreciation award” for their sterling performance at the event.

The Great Zimbabwe University delegates also excelled in their debates and in that respect, Simbarashe Chigumira and Ivy Madziwo received the prestigious, “Honourable Mention awards”, which are given to the most outstanding delegates in the respective councils.

The event has increased the University’s visibility on the International scene as the first African University to attend the auspicious event.

This was a first time experience for the students, the university, country and the continent but this did not stop the students from performing at their best as evidenced by the individual and collective awards.

Several Universities at the event indicated their intentions to participate at the Great Zimbabwe University Model United Nations which is set to be hosted by the GZUMUN club next year.

During the conference, the students had an opportunity to form strategic partnerships with representatives of other Model United Nations clubs and notably, the students managed to establish formal contact with the representative of the United Nations Youth Agency who was present at the event.

Great Zimbabwe University was offered an opportunity to proceed to the Harvard Model of United Nations 2019. Speaking to one of the participating students, Simbarashe Chigumira who is also a law student, he expressed his profound gratitude to the Vice Chancellor Prof Rungano Jonas Zvobgo for supporting their initiative and always having the faith that Great Zimbabwe University can do it!

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Staff Writer| Midlands State University
One minute read

Fourth year Geography and Environmental Studies student Tinokunda Moyo has been crowned as Miss Midlands at the 2018 Beauty Competition held at the Midlands Showgrounds in Gweru.

miss midlands 2018.JPG

She claimed the title at a tight competition in which twelve contestants from various tertiary institutions from the Midlands Province were vying for the prestigious title.

Computer Systems Engineering student Nicole Sakubani was crowned as the First Princess while second year Psychology student Oppah Mozhendi walked away with the Miss personality title!!!

Curated from MSU Facebook Page


Duncan Mutasa | University of Zimbabwe
6 minute read

She is the kind of girl that can knock your socks off literally and figuratively. We had a sit down with Ashley Khuddu who took us on her journey of being the only female black belt at the University of Zimbabwe.

Ashley Khuddu or better known as Sensei Ashley is a 20 year old born in Bulawayo. She is the first born in a family of three; a second year student at The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) majoring in Business Management.

She shares her experience of being the only sheep amongstgoats that is being the only female black belt on campus.

Q: How does it feel to be the only female sensei?

It feels great, I’m proud of myself and what Ihave achieved so far but it depends on the day. I like it. I enjoy it. It is not really a big of a deal for me but it feels good because everybody seems to respect me and my position. So yes I love it.

Q: What kind of problems do you deal with?

STEREOTYPING!!!! As a girl there’s always the stereotyping that karate is supposed to be
done by boys, so usually I always face a little bit of judgment from girls or stereotypical guys that look at you like your weird because you do almost like a male sport which really is not supposed to be like that.

Usually people think that just because I’m a girl I’m not supposed to be doing this type of sport. I feel like we should break that stereotype. Yeah those are the kind of problems I usually deal with. Usually when you’re in the dojo they never think that I’m actually capable of teaching the class or actually doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

They always think that because I’m a girl I can’t train people the same way the boys also train people.

Ashley Khuddu 1.png

Q: What are some of the decisions you make?

Basically the decisions that you make when you’re a Sensei are; to train people, make sure the person is taking training or administer the training, make sure that people are ready for training and you evaluate who is going to be ready for grading (shifting or graduating from the lower belt to a higher belt) and sometimes I participate in the grading that happen. So I decide who gets to the next belt. I also decide who gets to go or who is fit enough to go for tournaments.

Q:Why did you choose this sport, why karate?

When I was a kid my dad used to watch these old Japanese movies ,there’s this specific movie called ‘Black Belt Angels’, I used to love it so much. That’s actually what inspired me to love karate ‘cause those girls I thought they were so cool cause they used to beat up boys and I was like, man I want to be like that and as I grew up I also got to respect the sport and the discipline that comes with it and it just taught me a lot. So I thought you know what , I actually want to do something different, something out of the ordinary and something I feel I’m comfortable with.

And I love karate and I wouldn’t have chosen another sport really so that’s why I chose karate ‘cause it just looked cool and when I was a kid it looked really cool and as I grew up I got to appreciate what karate people do in life and the discipline that they get when they learn the whole process and it’s not only karate but in relations and actually interacting with people, it’s a whole other world.

Q: What part of this job do you find most challenging?
To break the stereotype, especially beginning days when you get new student they usually look at you like, “Are you serious? Is a girl going to train us?” Yeah so that stereotype is probably the most challenging because they judge you because you are a girl but I think after a few weeks when they actually understand how everything works, it sails from there. I think that’s one of the most difficult challenge. And also to keep people coming back ‘cause people think they be doing flying kicks and splits by the second day which is not true but you have to break that mentality that people have and giving them the realistic point of view of what karate is. If people are consistent and they love the sport then it’s honestly very enjoyable.

Q:What part of this job do you find most satisfying?
To see girls not being afraid of stereotype and actually joining the sport. When they
break boundaries I think that’s the most satisfying part of this job for me. When I
actually give people a chance to see that it is possible to do karate and be a black belt. To
show them that this sport is not just something boys c a n d o b u t something girls
can do too.

Q: How do you describe the working atmosphere and the people whom you work  with?

The atmosphere is just extra ordinary and out of this world. We are such a family.
I don’t know how to describe it exactly but it’s such a bond; that honestly sometimes I’m
even left amazed by it because for me the people I work with are Cyril the captain and Sensei Knowledge.

They make it seem like it’s home. I feel comfortable and I feel like I belong when I’m in the dojo. They make it feel like this is a place where you can learn, a place you can make mistakes, a place where you can get back up if you fall. I love it I couldn’t have asked for a better family!

Ashley Khuddu2.jpg

Q: Do you ever find it difficult to work with others as a team?

No. I don’t have any complains to be honest. My team has been great from the captain to our sensei Aldrian, they have been such a good support team. They are no conflicts;
everybody knows their place. What I know is that, this team has been a great team.

Q: Is it hard for you to keep up with other Senseis?

No I have never found it difficult. I feel like I make it happen. We work together as a team. So if one is slacking behind we help each other. We balance each other out. It is not really a competition it’s more like we helping each other out as sensei’s.

Q:What is the best part about competing?

Getting a gold medal. I say I have never left a tournament without a medal, “LOL ndakazviramba izvozvo” and meeting new people especially other women who also love what I do, who can relate with me. It motivates and encourages me.

Q: What age were you when you first started training karate?

I started training when I was 13 years old at Dominican Convent. My sensei was and still is Winston Nyanhete and I got my black belt when I was 16. I have been training karate for eight years now I don’t think I will stop.

Q:What advice would you give to other girls that want to join/tackle karate
but are too intimidated to do so?

They should come and join. It’s so much fun and is a great work out too. The people you meet there are life changing. Karate teaches you more than what you think and it’s also an added advantage for you to learn self-defense just in case. They shouldn’t limit themselves and underestimate the ability that they have. They should always do what they are passionate about.


Article first published in Chinanaz Magazine UZ

Students’ protests ‘Pfeeeeee’ as kombi fares hike

By Staff Reporters

2 minute read

As the economy continues to spiral out of control, with basic commodities’ prices shooting up, students haven’t been spared from the madness.

From the 50cents, that was already too high for them, UZ students woke up to find that there’ll be yet another adjustment to their budgets.

UZ students - byo 24
UZ students protests. Credit:

“Kana zvikanesta toenda netsoka” was the new slogan at the University of Zimbabwe today as students protested against the newly introduced kombi fares of 75 cents, which rendered their daily dollar deals obsolete, taking away the value a single dollar had in their lives.

Speaking to Campus Moments Magazine, a UZ student only identified as Tkay condemned the hike as daylight robbery, arguing that it was not consistent with their budgets.

“Its not fair you know, we are only students and are not working and we cant cope with these fares. My ‘coin’ has lost its value and my budget is already strained for me to squeeze out $1.50 for transport,” Tkay said.

In a short video in possession of this publication, students were chanting slogans and vowing to resort to walking than to pay the extra $0.50 cents for a return trip on top of the dollar they were used to paying

This challenge hit hard especially students who stay away from the college premises.

Another UZ student, Tariro Mandiri said, “I paid $0.75 today, they were not negotiating anything. I think we are the most affected and we wouldn’t have to worry about all this if we had enough accommodation in rez.”

According to Tawanda, a kombi driver who ferries UZ students, the ongoing economic crunch and fuel shortages in the country is what has necessitated their unwelcome review of prices.

combi pic

“If you look closely, as commuters, we have been reluctant to react to the ongoing economic challenge, but at the end of the day, we are in this for profits. Everything has gone up, and if we continue charging what we were charging, we would better park these vehicles,” said Tawanda.

Another kombi driver, Nicholas Chebvute argued that the fuel queues were also eating into their productive time, forcing them into the black market.

“To be frank, if we are to follow the queues, it would be hard to make anything,’ Chebvute said, “so we are forced to buy from the black market where a mere 5 litres costs $10 where as I could get the same at a very reasonable cost of about $7 but we are a time sensitive businesses and we cant spend more than an hour in a fuel queue because that is a complete trip.”

As the economy continues on a downward path, the students’ community has continued to press the government to take the necessary steps to abate the situation so as to save the future of the nation littered across colleges.

If you are student in college and would like to write on this platform, get in touch with us here:

Mazowe College beauty claims Miss World Zimbabwe crown

Tafadzwa Zimoyo, Harare Bureau
3 minute read 

Twenty-one-year-old Masvingo beauty, Hajirah Belinda Potts was on Saturday evening crowned Miss World Zimbabwe after shrugging off stiff competition from 13 other stunning models.

The glittering ceremony that commanded a full house and was attended by the country’s two Vice President’s Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi was held at Orchid Gardens in Domboshava.

Potts who took over from Chiedza Mhosva is set to receive a cash prize of $20 000 and a vehicle as part of her prizes. For coming out tops, she also automatically won the ticket to represent the country at the Miss World contest being held in China in December.

The Veterinary Sciences student at Mazowe College could not believe her “luck” of being crowned the most beautiful woman in Zimbabwe.

“I’m so excited and would like to thank God and my family and friends for supporting me. I have just won $20 000, a car and a trip to China among other prizes. I am the queen,” said an elated Potts just after being crowned.

Barring any hiccups, it was clear from the onset that she would be among the winners as she possessed all the requisite features that make successful beauty queens; height, waist size, confidence and a killer smile.

Miss World Zimbabwe 2018 finalist Belinda Potts flanked by first and second princesses Patricia Muchenje and Kuziwakwashe Muzhakati, respectively [Pic: Shepherd Tozvireva]

Patricia Muchenje was crowned the first princess and is set to get $15 000. Canada-based model Kuzivakwashe Mujakachi, a fan favourite who was announced as Miss Personality scooped the second princess title. For being the People’s Choice, Mujakachi walked away with $5 000 and she also received $10 000 for being the third most beautiful model on the night.

Said Mujakachi: “I’ve just completed my International Business degree in Canada. My priority now is this crown.

“I’m so happy and shocked at the same time to have landed two posts. I’ll be in the country until Potts leaves for Miss World in China.”

The ever-smiling Potts said her mother was her role model.

“I owe everything to my mother, she has been very supportive. I started modelling at the age of 16 and she’s been supporting me since then,” she said.

Though she won a brand new vehicle, a KIA Rio, Potts has no driver’s licence and thus will have to wait a bit longer to take delivery of the automobile as she undergoes the necessary steps to get the all-important document.

Once again, the pageant was sponsored by Big-Time Strategic Group and newcomers ZOL – a leading internet company among others. As has become the norm, Miss World Zimbabwe beauty pageant lived up to its billing – there was glitz and glamour. Guests, who parted ways with $300 each for a seat in the venue, got value for money as they enjoyed a three-course meal, expensive whiskey, imported wines and other beverages.

As usual, it was a black-tie event which saw attendees dress to the nines. It was a mixture of designer wear and tuxedos. Even ushers and security personnel donned suits. Zimbabweans should be commended for embracing global trends on the fashion scene as one would be forgiven for mistaking Miss World Zimbabwe for the famous Oscar awards.

TLC Next Great presenter search finalist from Zimbabwe, Karen Paida and Godfrey Koti hosted the show well and manned the red carpet. Paida, a relatively new face on the showbiz scene is already being compared to the likes of Bonang Matheba for her flawless presentation on the night.

Tendai Dembo who provided entertainment stole the limelight as he performed his father’s greatest hits. He had the crowd eating from the palm of his hand as they danced the night away. Although live performances are not his forte, Zimdancehall star Killer T also put a great show using a live band.

Curated from Chronicle.

Wood vs Plastic Cutting Boards: Which You Should Buy for Your Kitchen

Jennifer Suryadjaja| Boston University
3 minute read

No matter how often or how little you cook, you’re guaranteed to own a cutting board. It’s a kitchen staple you can’t live without, as it can be used for everything from slicing apples to cutting raw meat to chopping onions. But although most of us know that owning a cutting board is a must, deciding between wood vs plastic cutting boards can be tricky. Does it really matter which you buy, or can you pick whichever you think is the cutest? As it turns out, there are several stark differences between the two materials that should be taken into account before choosing which to buy.

Wood vs Plastic Cutting Boards

on Pexels

Wood cutting boards

The traditional cutting board is known to last longer than plastic cutting boards with proper maintenance. Having a “self-healing” property, wooden cutting boards are harder to cut into as you chop your food. This means that a wooden cutting board is more sanitary in the long run. Another plus is that your knives will not get blunt fast since the surface of wooden cutting boards is kinder to knives when compared to plastic cutting boards. Research done by the late Doctor Dean O. Cliver, an expert in cutting boards, shows that wooden cutting boards contained less salmonella than plastic ones. This is because wood contains antimicrobial properties that can halt bacteria from seeping into the board, reducing the likeliness of cross-contamination.

Plastic cutting boards

Being the more modern version of cutting boards, a prevailing thought is that plastic cutting boards are safer than wooden cutting boards. However, this isn’t always true. New plastic boards often still have a smooth surface, which is not a problem when it comes to cleaning it after chopping. The concern is when dealing with a scarred board. If you chop hard enough into the plastic, there will be scars across the board where bacteria will hide and accumulate. This increases the chances of contamination of other ingredients you put on the board after that. In general, plastic boards are often cheaper than wooden boards, and you can find some that are dishwasher-safe.

Figuring Out Which to Buy

Annelise Vought

It may be confusing at first when weighing the two options because each cutting board has its good and bad points. The answer lies in the kind of food you will be cutting. Since already-cut plastic cutting boards tend to harbor bacteria, it’s best to use it to chop fruits and vegetables instead of raw meat. Ideally, wooden cutting boards are best used to cut meat or ready-to-eat food, such as cheese or bread.

Bottom line, I recommend having both a wood and a plastic cutting board in your kitchen and using them accordingly. They will complement each other.

How to Clean Cutting Boards

Jocelyn Hsu

Regardless of the material, it’s important to disinfect your cutting boards after using them, because bacteria can thrive on the board for a long time. Sanitizing your cutting board means more than just cleaning them with soap and water. It means getting rid of the remaining bacteria still living on your board. One way to disinfect your board is by pouring vinegar into a kitchen towel and wiping the surface of the board. Worried about the after-smell? According to the Huffington Post, you can spread a pinch of salt on your board and rub a wedge of lemon onto it. If you’re using the dishwasher for your plastic board, the heat should be set to maximum to kill the unwanted bacteria.

#SpoonTip: Whether wooden or plastic, keeping your cutting boards in a cool, dry place will help increase their longevity since bacteria thrive on moisture. 

While both cutting boards still do the job of providing a proper surface to prep your ingredients, the differences will make or break your dish. Now you can confidently select one (or both) and get started with cooking. Just don’t forget to disinfect your board after you’re done with the chopping.

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by Denice Pine
1 minute read

1. Stay hydrated:

In winter we drink much less water and guess what? we get dehydrated.. People do not realize that dehydration masks itself as hunger and as a result we eat to quench the “thirst”. So whenever you feel hungry , drunk some water first. You will be surprised.

2. Reduce carb intake:

It’s winter , you are bound to do much less hence won’t burn most of the energy you take in from your food. With that said, eat more protein and vegetables to keep your weight steady or to even drop it.

denice gym

3. Exercise:

30 mins a day can really help you reach your goal . It doesn’t sound like much but it goes a long way .

4. Prepare mentally:

Mental wellness is something that is taken for granted by so many. What we don’t realize is the fact that our bodies respond to our mind. What we think we are what we become. With that said, do Yoga it will help you meditate.

5. Buddy system:

It works. Team work makes the dream work. Become accountable to the next person and that way you will never miss a days session.

Add these 5 tips to your lifestyle this winter and see how it will bring positive change

Potatoes in Four Awesome Ways

by Siphiwe Ndlovu
3 minute read

Have you ever been so hungry and you discover the only thing you have in your kitchen are potatoes.

It may be quite distressing but let me enlighten you, the potato is the fifth most important crop worldwide, imagine that.

Potatoes are versatile and very healthy. You can fight cancer, control diabetes and get stronger bones by eating this “boring” starch.

The potato is not at all boring there are over 3000 recipes for potatoes and most importantly they are all quite affordable and delicious.

I will just show u a few of those recipes. The many others you can find at

1. Potato Fritters



My first go to potato recipe is Potato Fritters.

Now these are absolutely mouth wateringly delicious. What do u need for these well; 1 big potato, 1 onion finely chopped, 1 level tablespoon flour preferable self-raising if not add a 1 level teaspoon of baking powder,1 teaspoon salt, pinch of pepper and half an egg beaten.

Now you got the ingredients, this is how you go about it.

  • Peel and grate your potatoes into a bowl, mix in your bitten egg and then your seasoning.
  • Sieve in your flour into the mixture and then mix, scoop spoonful’s into a pan and then dip fat fry until golden brown. You can now enjoy as part of your breakfast lunch or even supper.

2. Mashed Potatoes.


My second recipe is Mashed Potatoes.

Boil your unpeeled potatoes. When your potatoes are soft you can now peel them with your hands, put them in cold water makes peeling them easier.
After they are all peeled mash them use a masher or cut them up and use a fork till they are soft not lumpy add milk or butter or both it will make them soft and even more mouth watering. Serve with gravy and meat.

3. Shepherd’s Pie


You can even make use of your mashed potatoes for your Shepherd’s Pie which is a layer of mashed potatoes a layer of mince a layer of mixed vegetables a layer of mashed potatoes and then sprinkle cheese on top all in a baking tray. Then you bake grill until cheese melts and it becomes golden brown.

Have you ever cooked too many potatoes and had some leftover. Cold potatoes from the fridge what to do with them?

Well I have two words Sauté Potatoes. They will change your life tease your palate and open a world of undiscovered flavour to you.

4. Sauté Potatoes


How to make them? Well that’s easy peasy.
Cut your boiled potatoes into rings. Heat about 50g margarine in a frying pan add your potato rings until heated through and lightly browned on both sides.

Now I could go on forever so what you just do type potato recipes on your internet search engine and trust me you will see an endless list of the most amazingly delicious recipes you can do with just a potato.

Law student lands Miss Tourism Bulawayo crown

2 minute read

TWENTY-FOUR year-old law student with University of South Africa Anelisiwe Ndebele was on Saturday crowned Miss Tourism Bulawayo provincial winner after she shrugged off competition from a bevy of 22 models at Rainbow Hotel in Bulawayo.

The pageant was the last round of the search for models who will contest in the Miss Tourism Zimbabwe national finals on September 8 in Bulawayo where Ndebele will represent Bulawayo province.

For her efforts, Ndebele, a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Degree and currently works as a procurement officer at Techno Expert Construction Company pocketed $2 000 courtesy of pageant sponsors, Progress Mines and Consha Enterprise headed by businessman and politician, Farai Taruvinga.

Sibusisiwe Falala and Tendai Sibanda came first and second princess respectively, while Natasha Gora became Miss Personality with Thelma Ncube being named the most promising model.

Miss Tourism Zimbabwe (MTZ) Bulawayo queen Anelisiwe Ndebele flanked by first princess Sibuisiwe Falala and second princess Tendai Sibanda (left)

Ndebele and Falala are all under the mentorship of Open Eye Studios run by former Miss Zimbabwe Samantha Tshuma.

“I am overwhelmed with this achievement, I thank everyone who has supported my journey and most importantly Fingers Academy for giving the girl child a chance to showcase a talent. Special acknowledgment goes to my mentor Samantha Tshuma of Open Eye Studios,” Ndebele said.

“Preparing for the national finals starts today, and I hope to keep the crown in the City of Queens and Kings.”

The national licence holder for Miss Tourism Zimbabwe and Fingers Academy director Sarah Mpofu Sibanda was happy with the progress they have made so far.

“It was not an easy road doing all the provincial finals. I thank our provincial licence holders who pulled great pageants and also providing the best models who will do duty on September 8 here in Bulawayo,” she said

The pageant coincided with Fingers Academy’s 30th anniversary.

“I thank everyone who has supported us as Fingers, the models we have worked with. We will continue churning out not just models, but ambassadors who will represent the city, the country and the continent,” Mpofu Sibanda said.

Guests at the pageant were left in stitches by host, Babongile Skhonjwa who treated them to a lively stand-up comedy show in-between the models’ sessions.

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