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Campus Moments  is a students initiative aimed at empowering Zimbabwean scholars with a platform for deliberation and  self expression. It is through all forms of media, social to digital, that Campus Moments endeavors to nurture the talent of young people in high schools and tertiary institutions, whilst entertaining and inspiring them. A Lifestyle Magazine has been the starting point, a radio network is coming soon so watch this space… Passion For What We Do Defines US!!!


  • To promote student advocacy, writing and talent.
  • To promote a culture of diversity and tolerance
  • Help the UNIVERSITY  gain global recognition

Editorial Policy


 The contents of the magazine shall adhere to the vision of Campus Moments as an organisation. It shall be independent of the university’s authorities. The editor shall control any malicious information that would denigrate the institution. Content of the mag and all information gathering activities will be guided by ethics of professional journalism and democratic principles of freedom of expression.

2: Code of Ethics

Accuracy, independence, balance, fairness, truthfulness, accountability, confidentiality and acknowledgement  of sources, objectivity, integrity.

 3: Rights of Free Expression and Privacy

The contents of the magazine shall promote Freedom of artistic expression, scientific research and creativity  together with diversity of opinion. All information and news gathering activities shall not infringe on any individual’s rights to privacy and incite hate speech.


7 thoughts on “ABOUT”

  1. I really leant alot from the AAU conference at ASHESI and due to that I want to join in with full zeal as a volunteer. Thanks
    You can call me on 0279080590/0261163578

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  2. Can’t wait to be part of this initiative! I mean, anything to make a positive impact. My past experience of #Auday2015 has really taught me a lot…can’t wait to learn even more. I am thrilled!

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