New Show Alert!!! The Midweek Merry Dance

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Campus Moments Mag is launching a new show in which ‘Cool kids on campus’ will  show off their dance moves every week.

The show will be cast on Facebook Watch and Instagram’s vertical video service IGTV every Wednesday starting 19 Septmeber 2018 at 6p.m.

Merry dance ad

In the debut episode, dancers Melinkosi Ndlovu ( IG: @raycoxxv )and Rodney Mabaleka (IG: @rodney_ixv ) dance to #BangLikeADrum 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 It’s going to be  #LitAF 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 . Be sure to Like & Share!!!


#WisdomWednesday: We are not given a good life or a bad life.We are given a life, it’s up to us to make it good or bad.

Joseph Nyamayaro | Nust-ZW
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If you cant stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.

We are not given a good life or a bad life.We are given a life, it’s up to us to make it good or bad. In life, action is important as Rabindranath Tagore once said; “l slept and dreamt that life was a joy, l awoke and saw that life was a service .l acted and behold service was joy.

Also, remember the day that one frog decided to reach the top of a tree,  but other frogs shouted that it was impossible. The frog still managed to reach the top of the tree. How?Because he was deaf and he thought everyone was encouraging him to reach the top.Moral of the story: Be Deaf to negative thoughts if you aim to reach your goal.

Good morning and stay blessed

4 study skills that will help you succeed in your career

Erica Cirino
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If you’re like most college students, much of your time outside of class is spent studying. Studying is an important part of college, one that goes beyond just helping to get you good grades. It’s a part of your academic routine that—whether you realize it or not — prepares you for a career as well.

Here are four study skills in particular that can carry over into your career:


Figuring out how long it will take you to complete an assignment or review for an exam isn’t an exact science. Every student is different, so each student requires a different amount of time for studying. Over time, you’ll figure out how to best manage your time.

Good time management means you get your assignments done on time (or well ahead of time), but it also means you pace yourself appropriately so that you’re producing the highest quality of work possible. Knowing how to keep and follow a calendar is another important part of time management.

Just as you need good time management when studying, you need it when you enter the working world. If you establish a time management habit that works for you in college, you can easily apply it to your career when it comes to accomplishing various tasks for your company.


College students are required to read a lot — from textbooks to novels to research journals to newspapers, and everything in between. Reading in college goes beyond just taking in words; it means absorbing and understanding their meaning so you can remember certain ideas and facts for your tests and assignments.

No matter what career you choose, you can likely expect more reading — whether it be research for a meeting or important email communications. That’s why it’s important to become a strong reader in college. Learn how to highlight and take notes when you read, and also how to pace yourself to truly digest the content.


A key part of successful studying is keeping yourself organized. It’s hard to argue the fact that it’s much easier to get your work done with a clean desk than a messy one. The same goes for a neat vs. messy bookbag.

Organization means different things to different students. Yet, no matter what your organization style, the key idea of being organized is to know exactly where your things are when you need them.

Being organized is also important for your career. As a working adult, you’ll need to keep track of many important documents, bills, schedules and more. Learning how to keep your things in order while still a college student will make your transition to a working adult much easier.


Many college students find being part of a study group to be helpful to their academics. Studying with others can give you more motivation to study, and your study buddies may be able to help you through especially challenging classes.

But being a part of a study group has another benefit: from deciding when to meet to collaborating on group projects, studying with others teaches you how to work as part of a team.

Being a team player is a critical career skill. In most careers, you’ll have to interact with others. The more social skills you build while in college, the more easily you’ll be able to achieve greatness with other people in your workplace.

Erica Cirino is a contributing writer for Varsity Tutors, a live learning platform that connects students with personalized instruction to accelerate academic achievement.
First Published by  USA Today College 

UZ Chancellor AU donation could have paid fees for 2000 students

Press Release|Zinasu Information Department| University of Zimbabwe

President Mugabe’s 1 million dollar donation to the African Union which sent tongues wagging this week could have paid school fees for at least 2 000 students, the Zimbabwe National Students’ Union (Zinasu) has claimed.

This comes after medicine students recently held protests over their inability to pay high fees at the University of Zimbabwe(UZ), leading to the arrest and detention of several student leaders, among them Zinasu spokesperson Zivai Mhetu and UZ Students’ Union treasurer  general Ignatious Mukwichi and secretary for sports Kudakwashe Guta.

President Mugabe, who also doubles as the UZ Chancellor, could have used the 1 million to pay fees for 2 000 struggling students at the biggest university in the country if he really had their plight at heart, Zinasu spokeperson, Mr Zivai Mhetu, said.

Not more than a week ago students were up in arms at UZ because they are unable to pay the increasingly unaffordable tuition fees only to hear that their Chancellor is giving away 1 million dollars to the AU as if he has dealt with all the problems affecting people in his own country.

“Donations should be made by the Bill Gates of this world who have more money than they can spend not Heads of States of impoverished countries whose citizens are wallowing in abject poverty and absolute misery said Mhetu”

Fees for general programmes at UZ were around five hundred dollars meaning that had he chosen to, Mugabe could have paid fees for at least 2 000 students at the institution, many of whom are being forced to defer their studies or drop out completely because of their inability to pay fees.

Countless students are being forced to drop out of school, not at the UZ alone but countrywide. It is against this background that we have been clamouring for grants and loans. But instead of giving us grants and loans the Head of our government and all State Universities is busy dishing out money to international organizations as if he is a one-man donor agency competing with the US-Aid.” said Mhetu.

Students at the tertiary level in Zimbabwe have been dropping out of school en masse due to economic hardships with Zinasu claiming that 12 000 students dropped out of school countrywide in the first quarter of 2016 alone.

9 Money-Saving Freezer Hacks

These unlikely foods can live for months in the freezer. Never let your food spoil again!

Noelle Royer |University of Maryland

Stale chips, rotten herbs and sour milk are some of the most common catastrophes college students face. All of your staple ingredients cost less in bulk, but it’s almost impossible to use them all before they go bad. Because of this, one of the greatest struggles students face in the kitchen is food waste.

The answer to most of these problems lies in the freezer. A freezer exists to preserve highly perishable items — meat, bread, popsicles — but there are many unknown foods that are freezer friendly.

1. Eggs

Photo by Rachel Davis

Can’t use eggs fast enough? Crack them into an ice tray and freeze them. Once they’re solid, dump the egg cubes into a freezer bag. Defrost them as needed and use them as you normally would.

2. Cheese

Photo by Rachel Davis

Never let mold build colonies on your cheese again. Block cheese can be shredded and saved in bags for months.

3. Rice

Photo by Rachel Davis

Some days are just too short to waste time cooking rice. Instead, make a bunch ahead of time and portion it into freezer bags. To defrost, simply run hot water over the bag until the contents are warm. This can cut the time for meal prep in half. For a complete on-the-go frozen meal, make and freeze these rice balls.

4. Milk

Photo by Rachel Davis

Yes, you can save your milk for months without it curdling. Simply freeze the milk in its own container. Just make sure to pour out about a cup beforehand so it has room to expand. Let it defrost in the fridge a few hours before you’re ready to use it.

5. Chips/Pretzels/Crackers

Photo by Rachel Davis

Cold chips? This might sound wacky, but frozen chips actually have more crunch and flavor than regular chips. Freezing these crunchy snacks keeps them from getting soft and stale.

6. Butter

Photo by Rachel Davis

Frozen butter is actually ideal when making pastries. The colder the butter, the better it will be in creating a flakier biscuit or even a more buttery croissant.

7. Bread and Sandwiches

Photo by Rachel Davis

Your bread stays fresh in the freezer for months. The entire bag can defrost on the counter for a few hours, or you can pop a couple pieces in the toaster. You can also freeze whole sandwiches. As long as it doesn’t contain mayo, tomato or lettuce, your pre-made sandwich will defrost no-problem in your lunch bag while you’re in class.

8. Yogurt

Photo by Rachel Davis

Turn your breakfast into a frozen treat! Making your own frozen yogurt is incredibly easy. Yes, really, all you need to do is put it in the freezer.

9. Fresh Herbs

Photo by Rachel Davis

Fresh green herbs can take almost any meal up a level, but they don’t last long in the fridge. Freeze any fresh herb in an ice tray with olive oil, broth or water and pop it into a pan with your meal whenever you need it.

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Over 700 students are likely not to write exams and will be forced to defer due to outstanding fees balances, said the Student Representative Council Spokesperson, Costa Nkomo.

Nkomo said, in  a video news release that the council was still negotiating  with the university administration that all students be allowed to sit for exams even if they are owing considering the current economic situation bedeviling Zimbabwe.

“We are still trying to persuade the institution to consider our request and we hope they will heed our call,” Nkomo said. “However, if the administration turns a deaf ear, we will ensure that either ALL STUDENTS write or ALL STUDENTS defer.”

The SRC also invited both affected and non-affected students to meet in solidarity on Monday, 21st November,  in order to find a solution to the university’s stance on struggling students.

A cross section of students who are not affected by the matter took a positive stand about joining in harmony with their affected counter parts.

Kudzai Chinowaita, a part four student in the faculty of commerce said: “We need to be united and each be our brother’s keeper in order to achieve this. I cannot smile when my fellow colleague is stressed, we need to fight together in one corner.”

Students will start their end of semester exams on the 28th of November 2016.

look out for more updates 



Arts Reporter |@campusmoments13 | Nust-ZW

A part two Finance studies student, Freilich Tinomuvonga Mutombwera, also known as Twyz, has completed recording a blockbuster album in Harare which is expected to be available on NUST campus by end of November.

Having performed at the 22nd NUST graduation ceremony on 4 November 2016, graced by His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe and Chancellor of the University, Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe, T Wyz decided to travel and record an album in Harare during the semester break (soon after the performance).

“I felt encouraged performing at the ceremony in the presence of the Chancellor and celebrating with about 2 000 graduands. I also managed to rope in promoters who helped me record my album in Harare,” said T wyz.

T Wyz boasts of a long catalogue of songs from his previous album and singles collection. Among his songs include Wendy, Handigeze and Handichakuda. In a way to promote his upcoming album, the Handigeze hit maker has been sampling new songs in the NUST Delta garden (a chilling zone for students on campus).

The hard working artiste fuses dancehall, reggae, jazz and other contemporary sounds. He is positive about the success of his yet-to-be titled album and has pegged $1 for each CD to be sold on campus.

WhatsApp Image 2016-11-15 at 20.45.20.jpeg

“Our album stand will be at Delta NUST gardens but we will also ensure some team members move around campus selling discs to fellow students. Discs will be sold on campus for $1,” said Twyz.

Meanwhile, T Wyz is coordinating with two on campus clubs to support his album. These are College Youth Art Club (CYAC) and NUST Business Networking (NBN). The fastest rising artiste wants to involve NUST learning community for the success of his yet-to-be named album.

“As NBN, we welcome T wyz’s new album. The album comes at the right time when NBN is running a successful #BuyNustCampaign to encourage NUST learning community to support creative, innovative and productive students.

NBN will join Twyz as he would be meeting his fans and selling his new album. Through supporting student enterprises and works, NBN understands that students will make money to help their parents in paying some expense incurred during the semester,” said Crispen Rateiwa, chairperson of NUST Business Networking.

Twyz performs with a live band. His versatility and artistry is beyond measure. Playing a guitar and singing simultaneously makes him the most-sought-after entertainer on campus. Unlike some students who shun extra curricula activities, T wyz balances academics and music successfully. Nothing separates him with his guitar. He takes it everywhere including lectures.



by K Cheryl Mwanza | Episode #11

Cynthia Mare walked into the Homicide Department. She peeked into the working area, and locked eyes with Detective Inspector Qiniso Dhlamini. She swallowed hard as she began to walk toward the detective who was holding a rag in one hand, and a mighty marker in another. Her eyes never left Cynthia as she approached her.

They weren’t the nicest of friends, they weren’t even friends. From the moment they had met, there had been a lot of friction between them.

“Arh-Celeste and Danai came to my house and arh-I looked through the articles about ladies of the night and violence. I’m going to need something specific because in those five months I wrote almost a hundred articles about that.”

“Did any of the women die as a result of the violence?”

“In the articles that made it to the paper, no. But a month ago I wrote an article that could have catapulted me to stardom. But Sasha Mubaiwa threatened to sue me till I bled money from my nose if I ran with it.”

“Take a seat.” Dhlamini said pointing at a desk that was closest to the board. She then sat on top of the desk as she held a small black book in hand.

“Martin Gondo-“

“As in Public Prosecutor Evelyn Gondo’s son?”

“Yes, him. He was going out with a woman who doubled as a lady of the night in the Avenues. A month and half ago, the woman was bashed to death by a John who had picked her up for the night-“

“Why would Sasha Mubaiwa threaten you?”

“She is Martin’s lawyer. Has been since she retired as a High court judge. Anyway, she didn’t want her client’s name to be associated with a lady of the night.”

“Do you still have notes on that story?”

“I do.” She said as she opened her bag. She took out a sealed plastic bag, and handed it to the detective.

Dhlamini received it then immediately opened it.

“Why would you need this?”

“It might be important for our case.” Dhlamini answered already into the case. “Thank you.”


Hunyani Creek was a high density location that was located along the Harare-Bulawayo Highway and right across the road from the National sports stadium. The suburb was divided into two, there was an area with nicely built, though tightly packed houses everyone referred to as the Creek. Away from the road and deep in the suburb, were the slums and the squatters and the heart and soul of the whole community.

When Debra had started seeing Nyasha Mtandwa, he had moved her from the slums, and had bought her a house in the Creek. He could have bought her a house anywhere. Infact he wanted to buy her a house in a nice place, but Debra wasn’t unable to get her mother to leave the Creek. And since she was fifteen when she the affair started, her mother had threatened Mtandwa with reporting him for statutory rape if he had continued on forcing Debra to leave.

What he had done however, was extent two rooms to the five that came with the house, had a brick durawall around the house and furnished it as expensive as he could. Mrs. Chimhepo was now reaping from where her daughter had sowed.

When Dube arrived in the Creek in the heat of the afternoon, Mrs. Chimhepo had her grandson strapped to her back and was leaning over an open fire cooking beans. With her was her daughter-in-law, who was doing laundry by a sink not so far from where she was.

Dube’s black Nissan Navara had drawn a lot of attention in the neighborhood and by the time it parked in front the Chimhepo residence, news of it had filtered to them. Now everyone else wanted to know what the car was doing there, and if it had anything to do with Debra. There were a lot of rumors about her in the area, especially after she had a baby out of wedlock, and was suddenly able to attend the Hunyani Creek Vocational Training School. After all, her mother wasn’t working and neither was she.

“I want to have a word with that man!” Mrs. Chimhepo spat out as soon as Dube entered. “What is he thinking sending someone in the afternoon like this!”

“Excuse me?”

“Amai, please.” Amai Nico, the daughter-in-law, said as she stood next to her mother. Wiping her wet hands against her skirt she continued, “Let the woman speak. After all, it’s Mtandwa’s fault, not hers.”

“I’m not here because of Mr. Mtandwa. I’m here because of Debra Chimhepo. I was told she lives here.”

“I’m her mother. Why would you need to see my daughter?”

“Ma’am, I’m detective chief inspector Tanaka Dube and I’m with CID: Homicide-“

“Homicide?” Amai Nico asked as she held on to her mother-in-law. “You might want to sit down for this, amai.” She said as she went inside and came back with two stools.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m sorry ma’am, but we found your daughter murdered.”


Cynthia Mare met up with Nashe Matinya at Nashe’s house, and shared with her what had happened at the police station. Since she was under Nashe’s wing, she had started doing things like Nashe, which meant she had kept a copy of the file that she had given to Dhlamini.

“Why would Dhlamini need this?”

“That is not important. But she was interested in Sasha Mubaiwa, maybe we need to take a look at her. Like look into her deeply.”

“What did, like, the wonder kids tell you about the case?”

“You think I have to ask them?”

“If they tell us anything, like, then we will know where Sasha Mubaiwa fits, like, into all of this and, like, we will know exactly what to look into about her.”

“It won’t be hard to get in touch with them. However, will the police be okay with us prying into the case like this?”

“I thought, like, you wanted to make a name for yourself? How can you do that when you are so afraid of the police?”

“After being arrested and spending a night in the holding cells, I don’t know-I don’t want to be arrested again.”

“This, like, is your case too. The letters are addressed to you.” Nashe said calmly.

Cynthia nodded at everything Nashe said although she wasn’t as enthusiastic as she had been when the first letter had arrived.



Mrs. Chimhepo returned to the cemetery a day after the burial. Standing before her daughter’s grave she could feel her heart breaking. She had cried so much when the detective had come with the news, and she had cried even harder when she had gone to the Mortuary for body identification.

However as the funeral processions went on, her mind slipped into a surreal state and it was as if her daughter was out, like usual, and was going to come back any time now. Even as she was standing infront of Debra’s grave, she found it hard to believe that her daughter was actually gone.

She felt pain inside of her, but was unable to cry for she had cried herself dry. She sighed as she turned away from the grave and began making the long journey home. She had lived all her life with her daughter and wasn’t looking forward to life without her. Her son had come back to live with her, and with him his wife, Amai Nico, and their two children. Mrs. Chimhepo had smiled when they had told them about their plans to stay, but having them with her was a painful reminder that Debra was no longer with her.

She arrived home, and found Cynthia Mare and Detective Mudiwa Chiwenga. They were huddled by the fire with her son and daughter-in-law. The last of the mourners had just left and only close family members had stayed on.


“Mrs. Chimhepo.” Chiwenga said as he got up. “I-“

“You can stay, detective. So can you, Mrs. Mare. Thank you for being here.” She said as she sat in-between her son and daughter-in-law. “My daughter-she was wonderful.”

“Writing about your daughter, I know I didn’t know her personally, but somehow I feel like I know her.” Cynthia said. “She was a good person.”

“I hope everyone will see that. You see, I know that my daughter had flaws, everyone has flaws detective. But I don’t want her to be remembered for those flaws.”

“I have been reading a lot on the author,” Amai Nico began, “Was there a way to prevent what happened to Aunt Debra?”

“It’s not good thinking like that, Amai Nico.” Her husband scolded her. “What good is thinking like that? What we should be asking is what the police are doing to find the killer!”

“My daughter just died. Can we respect that? Please.”

Chiwenga and Mare exchanged looks then both stared into the fire at the same time.

One Thing You Must Do To Be A Successful Single

What if we could lead a successful single life by letting God work in us to be the person he wants us to be?
#Relationships #ChristianLiving

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