Great Zimbabwe University to launch Community Radio Station in Masvingo

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Great Zimbabwe University will soon launch its Campus Radio Station following the recent successful installation of the digital equipment imported from abroad.

The campus radio station, the first to be owned by a university in Zimbabwe, is now awaiting licensing from responsible authorities before it can start broadcasting.

Vice Chancellor Professor Rungano Zvobgo said the radio station will reach out to people living in Masvingo and its surroundings, adding that this non-commercial radio station will broadcast a variety of educational programmes and programmes to enhance social awareness and educate the audience about their social responsibilities.

“We are going to establish a radio station as a university, the first of its kind in Zimbabwe. The radio station will usher in a new era in the history of GZU. We hope to train the best broadcast journalists in Zimbabwe.

Radio plays an important role in our lives and quality journalism is essential in educating, informing and entertaining,” said Prof Zvobgo. The campus radio station will serve as an incubator of the broadcasting talent available at the University.


As the government moves to licence more radio stations, graduates from GZU are expected to be well primed for absorption into these new radio stations due to the practical experience they would have acquired from the Campus Radio Station.

Besides terrestrial broadcasting, a website for the station from which the station will stream live, is currently being developed. With livestreaming, the GZU Campus Radio will be accessible to people outside its broadcast radius through the internet. – GZU Facebook


Suicide after lecturer ‘beds student’s girlfriend’

Patrick Chitumba, Midlands Bureau Chief
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A FINAL year Local Government student at Midlands State University allegedly hanged himself from the roof truss at his lodgings in Nehosho area in Senga early yesterday morning for unknown reasons.

Walter Temera

Speculation is, however, rife that Walter Temera killed himself in anger after allegedly finding one of his lecturers bedding his girlfriend. It is also said that he was in debt and possibly saw suicide as the only way out.

Midlands Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said reasons why he allegedly took his life were unknown adding that police investigations were underway.

“Yes I can confirm that an MSU student was allegedly found hanging from the roof truss of the toilet at a house where he was staying with other school mates. There are a lot of theories being thrown around but police investigations are underway,” he said.

MSU director of information Mrs Mirirai Mawere also confirmed the sudden death.

“Yes I can confirm the death of one of our students. It’s now a police case and under investigation, “she said.

Students close to the matter said that Temera had travelled to Victoria Falls with other students on an educational tour arriving back in Gweru around 2AM.

“Word is that he tried to jump off a moving bus when they were returning from Victoria Falls but was restrained by other students. The reasons for wanting to commit suicide by jumping off a moving bus are unknown,” said a student on condition of anonymity.

He said when the bus arrived at the Gweru Main Campus – it was suggested that Temera should spend the rest of the night under the watch of his best friend at the Main Campus.

“He allegedly sneaked out of his best friend’s room and went to his lodgings in Nehosho. This morning, he started apologising to his friends for all the wrongs he had done to them telling them that he lived a ‘fake’ life. Then around 7:30AM he was found hanging from a truss in a toilet,” said the student.

However, the student said his neighbour told the police that Temera owed some students money which he was failing to pay back.

Insp Goko appealed to members of the public especially students to consult elders or their lecturers when they face problems.

“It is unfortunate that members of the society resort to such extreme measures in the face of challenges. As police we urge members of the public especially these students to value the sanctity of live. In the face of problems they must consult school authorities, elders in the community, their guardians or the police,” he said.


Breaking News:UZ Postpones Graduation Ceremony Indefinitely Owing to Cholera

The University of Zimbabwe has postponed indefinitely a graduation ceremony which was meant to be held tomorrow, Friday the 14th of September owing to a cholera outbreak in Harare.-StarFM

#MorningMotivation : today will never come again;be a blessing;be a friend;encourage someone;take time to care;and let your words heal not wound someone and let your soul give thanks to GOD always.

by Joseph Nyamayaro | Nust-ZW
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The noise of the sea will never disturb the fish from sleeping. Therefore don’t let anything disturb you, stay focused and determined to be on track on whatever you are pursuing in life, turn a deaf ear to every noise that will distract your attention.

Remember God will change your story if only you are determined and prayerful.Also remember not to  start your day with broken pieces of yesterday. Everyday is a fresh start.

Each day is a new beginning.Every morning we wake up is the first day of our new life. As we all know today will never come again;be a blessing;be a friend;encourage someone;take time to care;and let your words heal not wound someone and let your soul give thanks to GOD always.


Residents object to construction of Nust hostels

PROPERTY owners in Bulawayo’s Selbourne Park, Matsheumhlope and Riverside, have objected to the proposed construction of halls of residence for National University of Science and Technology (Nust) students in their area, saying this would cause overpopulation and a spike in the crime rate.


Local councillor, Silas Chigora said most property owners in the area were against the construction of hostels by Zimre Property Investment Limited and Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ ).

“The residents are against the move, saying crime will increase in the area. To make matters worse, Gwanda Road is always busy and just imagine 3 000 people crossing that road every day. At times accidents may occur,” he said.

Contacted for comment, Zimre managing director, Edson Muvingi said the hostels were not exclusively for Nust students, but would benefit students from other tertiary institutions.

“…Crime will increase in the area … Gwanda Road is always busy and just imagine 3 000 people crossing that road every day. At times accidents may occur..,” 

“We are not intending to build accommodation exclusively for Nust students. There are about eight major tertiary institutions that we are targeting. There is a serious student accommodation crisis in Bulawayo and our model provides for custom-made, study-friendly facilities,” he said.

“Currently, students are accommodated in all manner and form of accommodation at pre-emptive rentals. So many students are already renting within these specific areas. Nust and other tertiary institutions are excited about the prospects of such private investments. I may not be able to address questions relating to perceived personal gain or loss.

“We are informed that the university is also securing land for student accommodation off campus. Our investment model is long term, where we hold the structures in perpetuity and benefit from both rental and capital value appreciation or a reasonable terminal value.

“The profile of our investors also requires so, as they have long-term liability profiles. In an unstable economic environment, on campus built, operate and transfer arrangements, where the tenure for recovery of both capital and profit is fixed, can be a nightmare. We have had the benefit of our experience.”


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Talent: A stepping stone to career success

Thando Nkomo| Nust-zw

University or college is probably one of the best places to interact with the great minds of our time.

In fact, nothing refreshes and tickles the mind than rubbing shoulders with professors and lecturers who’ve done it all and written it all.

As you rush from one class to another, you find yourself caught up and lost in academic chivalry.

Inspired to be the next Albert Einstein or Marie Curie, you see yourself contributing to national and even global transformation through new ideas and new inventions.

But hold your horses.

Let’s get back to basics.

Surely university can’t be all about reading, scoring good grades and living up to the expectation of over achieving professors.

And the sooner you grasp this, the earlier you’ll find yourself on the path to career success.

To put it succinctly, it is those students who learn to develop their talent and use education as a spring board, who emerge truly successful in their career pursuits.

At the core of career success is talent identification and utilization. When you identify and start tapping into your talent, career success will be at your fingertips.

Whether you are interested in main stream business, academia, the arts and entertainment, sport and even non-profit making industries, developing your talent will enable you to be a cut above the rest.

Focusing on talent will enable you to leave a lasting impression – after all, we are all uniquely talented.

“those who neglect to make right choices to release and maximize their talent continually underperform”. – John Maxwell

It is talent that has enabled Oprah Winfrey to be one of the most influential personalities in the world. Starting out as a television news anchor to become one of the most memorable television personalities in the world, she wouldn’t have achieved such success without identifying her talents, working on them and perfecting her ability to use those talents.

It is talent that has enabled Tyler Perry to emerge as one of the best film producers of our time. Talent is also the foundation of the great motor-vehicle designs displayed by cars such as Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Chevrolet and many more.

Even in architecture, we see the work of talent – structural designs that are simply not by chance, but a reflection of brilliant talented minds. In fact, every act of brilliance, and every material design that captures the minds of humanity across the board is a reflection of talent that has been painstaking developed over time.

However, as author and international speaker, John Maxwell observes in his book A Talent Is Never Enough, there are millions of people who have ability [or talent] but who never get to use it and never reach their potential.

He observes that “those who neglect to make right choices to release and maximize their talent continually under-perform”.

Perhaps this is why businesses and economies in Zimbabwe and Africa are struggling. We have students and graduates who are continually under-performing because they may not be using their talents or simply misplaced.

Unfortunately university may not teach you how to identify and use your talents. But that will never be a good enough excuse for failure. You must identify your talent and tap into it.

This simply begins by you understanding your strengths and your interests. Think about those things that you enjoy doing, or those tasks that you do very well and much better than others.

Once you have identified those, focus on them. Use education to position yourself to be in the industries where you can do what you are good at and before long, you will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Thando Nkomo is a Public Relations Lecturer, Researcher and strategist. He is also the Director of Career Factory, a Career Management Consultancy. Contact him on email:; Follow him on twitter @careerfactoryzw & facebook @careerfactoryzw or Whatsapp (0774013988)