#MorningMotivation: 11 Things You Should Start Doing To Succeed This Academic Year

by Joseph Nyamayaro | Nust-ZW
30 second read
  1.  Study while others are sleeping
  2.  Decide while others are delaying
  3. Save while others are wasting
  4. Comment good while others are criticizing
  5. Smile while others are frowning
  6. Prepare while others are day dreaming
  7. Listen while others are talking .
  8. Persist while others are quitting
  9. Plan while others are playing
  10. Begin while others are procrastinating
  11. Work while others are wishing ,

Good morning and enjoy your day


Denny Marandure, ZOL CEO – A Man On A Mission

by Ann Rothrock Beatie

5 minute read

The CEO of ZOL Zimbabwe, Mr. Denny Marandure, graciously welcomed us into his impressive and modern new offices in Borrowdale to discuss his career and accomplishments; they are many!

The wall that faces his desk has a large print that states ZOL’s Mission Statement: “To deliver simple & useful solutions that improve the way our customers live, work and play.” It also states ZOL’s Vision: “To create the most admired brand in Africa by delivering simple & useful technology, paired with excellent customer service.” Over the course of our conversation, I learned that Denny has followed his immense passion for telecommunications to achieve exactly what these two straight forward and solid statements proclaim.

Denny Marandure, ZOL CEO

His vast international experience is the cornerstone that propelled him to return to Zimbabwe and bring connectivity home. Denny earned a Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours) degree from the University of Zimbabwe and an MBA from Howard University in the United States and went on to become a big boss at the mammoth telecommunications company, Verizon Communications. He spoke to us excitedly about the project he worked on with Verizon in Iraq to set up the very first mobile network there in 2004.

On a trip back to Zimbabwe in 2009, Denny was incredibly frustrated by the lack of internet connectivity in Zimbabwe and scurried back to the land of high-speed internet. But he couldn’t let go of the desire to bring his home country up to speed in the world of telecommunications. “I wanted to be the change that Zimbabwe needed,” he said.

His appointment as CEO of ZOL in September of 2014 marked the beginning of change in the ISP market. In a short period of time, Denny has accumulated many IT Awards that all reflect the astounding accomplishments he has realised. His true love of marketing has led ZOL to establish itself as a frontrunner and leading provider of Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) with the Fibroniks packages that have been so popular and now service over 35,000 customers. ZOL’s lack of awareness was short-lived once Denny took over and he has led the company to win the MAZ (Marketers Association of Zimbabwe) award for Marketing Oriented CEO of the year, two years in a row. The total list of ZOL’s awards is long and distinguished and I am sure it will continue to grow.

Denny Marandure, ZOL CEO

The recognisable orange signage we see all over town is testament to the growing footprint that Denny is committed to. His excitement about ZOL’s upcoming projects is obvious in the way he talks about them. In April 2018, the LTE base stations will be launched. This technology brings high speed internet connectivity through the use of beams that will increase reach and capacity.

ZOL is also launching an environmental initiative that is revolutionary in Zimbabwe. EnviroServe is an e-waste recycling effort that will provide bins – orange ones, of course! – where old and obsolete electronical devices can be properly disposed. ZOL has partnered with a company in Dubai to make this happen in Zimbabwe, so be on the lookout for a place to put all those unwanted devices! Recycling is important in today’s world. As stewards of the environment, we are responsible for preserving and protecting our resources for ourselves and future generations and ZOL Zimbabwe has taken the initiative to lead in taking care of our environment for the sake of the next generation.

Denny Marandure, ZOL CEO

Denny’s passion to connect everyone has transformed the lives of many, in keeping with the Mission Statement; he also believes strongly in giving back to the community. Denny and ZOL put fibre in Warren Park and created low-cost packages for that area; ZOL also has a program to that supports education by providing free internet to a number of schools. ZOL is an Associate sponsor and Communications partner for the Zimbabwe Open Golf tournament, which is part of the Sunshine Tour. The ZOL Main Stage at HIFA, one of the biggest music and cultural shows in Africa, is testimony to ZOL’s support of music and culture in Zimbabwe.

ZOL’s partnership with Kwese TV makes Denny very excited, as he will be able to follow the Washington Wizards, the NBA team he supports. Kwese TV is growing by the day in popularity. Denny enthusiastically explained to us that now with the ZOLphone (VoIP) service, Kwese TV and Fibroniks, ZOLcompletes the three-play service offering he has strived to achieve, which is also in sync with the three categories from the Mission Statement, “…live, work and play.”

Denny Marandure, ZOL CEO

ZOL was the first ISP to launch a Mobile App in Zimbabwe, the “MyZol” App, and they are also the first to have 24/7/365 customer call centre with a live chat option. The highly popular ZOLspots provide Fibroniks on the go, and ZOL was nominated for an award at the annual AfricaCom Awards in 2016 and 2017 for this innovative technology. ZOL is also bringing a clever wireless router that can fit in your pocket, called MiFi, which will provide connectivity to many people including students who need to do their homework or research on the internet.

Denny Marandure is an inspiring role model in business. Despite his hectic schedule, board commitments, and an extensive travel schedule, Denny always puts his customers first. His tireless commitment and devotion to his company, its brand and its customer service results in happy and connected customers.

Republished with permission from Harare Magazine: http://hararemagazine.co.zw/lifestyle/denny-marandure-a-man-on-a-mission/


by Andile Tshuma | @andile_tshuma

THE Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has set up a Biometric Voter Registration Centre at the National University of Science and Technology to make it easier for students to part take in the voter registration exercise.

The voter registration exercise commenced yesterday at the institution and is set to run for 16 days.

National University of Science and Technology Director of Communication and Marketing Mr Felix Moyo said it was noble and important for ZEC to bring the voter registration to the campus as it had a high population of youths and members of staff who were eligible to vote.

“It is such a good gesture that they have shown us and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission id very welcome here at NUST. We have been a polling station before so we are very much in support and are very patriotic to all such causes for our country,” said Mr Moyo.

“We hope that the students will make use of this opportunity and register while we still have this facility on campus,” said Mr Moyo just after completing his registration.”

Mr Moyo urged students at the university and from other institutions to make use of the facility as voting was an integral part of them having a say in their future.

“It is very important for youths to take such matters seriously as they are the custodians of the future, The youths should be engaged in such processes as they are molded into becoming tomorrow’s adults. We hope that the students will make use of this opportunity and register while we still have this facility on campus,” said Mr Moyo just after completing his registration.

Bulawayo initially had one voter registration centre however, ZEC has since set up 68 voter registration centres across the city and 2508 centres countrywide.

The voter registration Blitz is set to end on October 26.

The electoral body’s chairperson, Justice Rita Makarau, said the second phase will be held from October 29 to November 13, whilst the third phase will run from November 16 to December 1, with the last phase running from December to December 19.

She urged political parties to advise their members of the various forms of proof of residence required for the exercise.

INISA Student Grant 2017: Apply now

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Why 92% of #Twimbos think Robert Mugabe University is a misplaced priority

92% of Zimbabweans on twitter think that the proposed $1 billion dollar university in honour of  Robert Mugabe is misplaced, according to our poll.

Here are some of the reasons why citizens are against the initiative:

However, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education Prof Jonathan Moyo justified the Robert Mugabe university saying:


The few who sympathised with cabinet’s decision to grant quarter of the nation’s budget to build the institution said:

See more below:

University Students Live off Betting.

By Sineke Sibanda

Metso is a student at the National University of Science and Technology. He has three other sibblings, one is starting her degree programme, the other just started her ‘A’ level at Empandeni boarding school and the last one is writing her form four examinations this year.

With much of his parents’ attention going to his three female siblings, he has to take care of himself. It has not been easy, and he has since resorted to soccer betting, a form of gambling to subsidise his welfare.

Metso is among a host of other college students who have enrolled into this gambling circus to try and make ends meet as they strive towards completing their studies.

At a time when Zimbabwe is marred with high rates of unemployment, industries characterised with no activity, with only big rusty keys hanging on the falling gates; betting halls have become the new industries with regular patrons thronging these spaces from as early as 7am in the morning till 1030pm in the evenings daily.

Patson Nkomo, a security official at one of the betting halls in the city of Bulawayo observes that some have become regulars at the shop, and only absent when they fall sick, (giggles).

“Others are now informal employees here (laughs), they are here 24/7. With the issue of unemployment so high in Zimbabwe, this is where others make their living, including university students from a number of colleges in the city,” said Nkomo.


According to Admire Mapani, a student at the Bulawayo Polytechnic, betting has become a way of life for most college students.

“There is so much peer pressure we go through at school,” said Mapani. “You meet people from different families and you are also faced with the challenge to survive atleast, so the little your parents send you, you spin some of it through betting with the hope of multiplying it.”

However, issues to do with addiction of this sort of gambling tends to haunt.

According to Metso, he finds it hard to pass by the shop without being tempted to bet.

“I think I’m becoming an addict. I find it hard to pass by the soccer shop without being tempted to bet. Sometimes I even use my lunch money. I know its bad but I can’t control it sometimes”

This sort of gambling has become a normal routine and to others a little bit addictive. For the lucky ones, they have managed to get the best out of the experiences and to the unlucky, lots of money has been lost to the betting halls.

According to Mapani, college life can be terrible especially if you are far from home.

“It can be pretty tricky and because there are no grants or student stipends, anything that brings money could be ideal,” Mapani added.

Over the years, alarming rates of prostitution have been told in colleges, selling of drugs by male students and now betting is the new trade. The most important pre–occupation is making money.

Good as it may sound, and business as usual for the for the owners of the shops, concern is largely on the development part of the African countries. Questions on whether betting can really drive the ailing African economies.


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by K Cheryl Mwanza| Episode #5

Gloria Vanhuvangu looked out the window, came back to her sofa then thirty seconds later she was up on her feet again and looking out the window. Some called it a mother’s intuition, she called it the ancestor’s warning, but whatever it was, it was telling her that her daughter was in trouble and had been for the last three days.

At first, she had comforted herself by saying that it was because her daughter had eloped. After all, nothing ruined a budding romance like elopement. But she just couldn’t shake the feeling that something much more threatening than a dying romance had happened to her daughter.

She got up again, looked out the window and this time around she felt dizzy when she saw no one show up by the gate. She stumbled, then fell into the closest sofa. It took her a time to get up, and by the time she was back on her feet her husband was looking at her with worry.

“Amai, what is the matter with you these days?” He asked sitting next to her.

“Nothing, Baba.”

“Nothing?” He exclaimed, “You haven’t been sleeping well. You are talking in your sleep and you are constantly looking outside the window. What is happening?”

“There is something I should tell you. Please don’t be angry with me. I’m only telling you because I believe our daughter is in grave danger.”

“Grave danger?”

“The ancestor’s warning.” She said suddenly trembling.

“What are you talking about, Amai.”

“Laura eloped-“

“She did WHAT?!”

“That’s beside the point, baba-“

“REALLY! BECAUSE I THINK THAT’STHE POINT!!!” He jumped up the veins in his neck throbbing. “You told me she was with tete Mai Sandy when all this while you knew she had eloped? Did you know the guy? Did you bless whatever it was they were doing?”

“Baba, please-” She was cut short with a stinging slap from her husband.

Tears trickled down her face as she rubbed the sting away. Her husband was beyond furious now. Laura was the apple of his eye, the reason why he got up in the morning. He had sacrificed everything to give her a life better than his. His wife must be joking! His daughter was better than that.

“My daughter did what?” He hissed. “Here, call Mai Sandy and get her here. Call everyone who knew of that little relationship and get them here!”


“Makadini tete.” Ronald ‘Ronny’ Zvoushe said as he approached Mrs. Ziko. “Is everything alright?” He asked.

“Well, son, we cannot discuss delicate matters on a busy busstop like this one.” She said walking forward, toward his house.

“What is it, tete? Is Laura fine?”

She stopped short in her tracks as she turned to face him with an expressionless face. “What do you mean by that boy?”

“Excuse me?”

“Isn’t Laura here?”

“Here as in where?”

“Don’t be stupid!” She snapped. “Is she or isn’t she here?”

“If here means with me, then no she is not with me. I haven’t seen here in four days.” He grabbed his waist with both hands then said, “When I last saw her, she said she was pregnant. We had a little disagreement, things were said and she was upset. She walked out on me and I haven’t seen her.”

“Have you talked to her?” She asked as panic began to creep in. “At all?”

“No. I tried her phone all day yesterday. I figured she didn’t want to talk to me as yet and I was giving her some space. Why would you think she was here?”

“She told me she was eloping.” Her aunt murmured. “I hadn’t heard from her in a while, and I decided-“, She didn’t finish her sentence as her phone rang.

She listened but wasn’t given a chance to speak herself. She looked up at Ronny after the phone was disconnected with fear written all over her face. She swallowed hard as she repeated what her brother’s wife had said. Ronny initially put up a fight, but in the end he went along with Mrs. Ziko. He called his mother while he was on his way to Laura’s house, and her mother got through to her father. They followed after him soon afterwards.


Mr. Vanhuvangu paced to and fro unable to control the anger that was brewing inside of him. His wife was now stuck in a corner silently sobbing. He stopped pacing around when he heard his gate open. He peaked through the window, then saw Mrs. Ziko coming in with three people he didn’t know. He went to meet them at the door with his fists clenched.

He opened the door, looked around at everyone, then finally his eyes rested on his younger sister, She swallowed hard as she cleared her throat to speak.

“This is Mr. and Mrs. Zvoushe. This is their son, Ronny-“

“The man who ruined my daughter’s life?”

“Ruined?” Mr. Zvoushe cut in. “What exactly do you think your daughter was?”

“Dear, keep quiet please.” Mrs. Zvoushe said quietly. “We are here because you thought your daughter was with us, right? Well, she’s not.”

“What do you mean she’s not? My wife told me she eloped to your son.” He spat out pointing his finger accusingly at Ronny. “Where is my daughter, young man?”

They heard footsteps behind them, they all momentarily calmed down and waited to see who was coming their way.  Mr. and Mrs. Zvoushe were taken aback when they saw Doctor Saidi appearing. The doctor was taken aback as well and stumbled backwards. He turned to a woman, in a black form fitting two piece pants suit that was flared at the bottom, he was with then she stepped in front.

She cleared her voice then said flashing her badge, “I’m Detective Inspector Qiniso Dhlamini with Harare CID: Homicide.”

“Homicide?” Mr. Zvoushe asked looking at the doctor. “What is she talking about?”

“Mr. Vanhuvangu, we regret to inform you that your daughter is dead.” Dhlamini answered.

“Die-“, Mr. Vanhuvangu choked on his saliva as he grabbed his stomach. “Dead?”

“She was murdered three days ago. Her body was found in a house in Westlea-“

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Mr. Zvoushe demanded looking toward the doctor.

“An open homicide investigation is not up for discussion with just anyone, sir.” Dhlamini looked at Mr. Vanhuvangu, “Mind if we come in and ask a few questions?”

He didn’t answer. Instead he just slammed the door in everyone’s face. The doctor turned to face Dhlamini who gently shook her hand.

“What do you mean murdered?” Mrs. Ziko asked trembling. “That’s impossible.”

“You are?”

“Maud Ziko. I’m her aunt, the sister of her father-detective?”

“We found her three days ago at a house in Westlea-“

“What was she doing in Westlea?” Ronny asked.

“See! She was a loose woman.” Mr. Zvoushe exclaimed. “I can’t believe you were stupid enough to almost father a child with her!”

“Dear, we don’t speak ill of the dead.” His wife said. “Respect her and her family. Detective you were saying something?”

“Who does your husband think he is?” Mrs. Ziko demanded. “He is a bloody bastard. If he had taught his son any better, maybe he would have found a bitch like you!”

“A bitch? You are calling my wife a bitch?”

“She tolerates a pig like you! I have even more befitting words but I’m being respectful because my niece has just died.” She said although the air about her was that of violent confrontation.

“Everyone shut the hell up!” Dhlamini said putting her foot down. “We are finishing this little party at the police station. Anyone with objections hands up and I will gladly cuff you. If not, asambeni.” She said and everyone walked on without any objections. She turned to the doctor then said, “Go and wait with them for a while. I will be right out.”

As the doctor disappeared behind the house, Detective Dhlamini opened the door in search of Mr. and Mrs. Vanhuvangu. She found them huddled together crying. She had done this a number of times, but seeing a family cry for their beloved still made her raw inside all the time. She bit her teeth to stop herself from crying as she walked toward the sofa where husband and wife were bundled up.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was cracking up under the emotional stress.

The father looked up, Dhlamini’s own tears almost fell. He wiped his nose, and patting his wife on the back, he began talking, “What happed to my daughter?”

“I’m really sorry, sir. We as a department are doing all that we can to get the person who did this to your daughter.”

“It took you THREE days to come and inform us. THREE DAYS!”

“Your daughter didn’t have any identification on her.” She answered softy. “No one in the missing person database matched her physical description. We worked with the little that we had to put a name-“Dhlamini swallowed then continued, “I know this is hard but I still want you to talk to you.”

“The last thing I said to my daughter-“, the mother began looking into a distance as fresh tears flooded her eyes. “I told her to do whatever it took to stay with Ronny. If I had looked after my own daughter-“

“This is not your fault, Mrs. Vanhuvangu. You had no idea something like this was going to happen.”

“A mother should know, detective. What kind of a parent am I? My daughter wasn’t home for three days and I didn’t even report her to the police.”

“You thought your daughter had eloped. How could you have known otherwise?” She asked in a soothing voice.

“Who did this to my little girl?” The father asked again.

“That is what we are trying to figure out. It seemed your daughter was selected at random. She met her killer on the very day she went missing. So, on the day of her elopement where did she go?”

“She went to Kuwadzana straight. I don’t think she ever went anywhere.” Mrs. Vanhuvangu answered. “I spoke to Amai Ziko and she said that she would personally go and deliver Laura to her in laws.”

“What time was that?”

“Around one in the afternoon.”

“When did you last speak to her?”

“Before she left this place. She promised she was going to call if anything was wrong. I took her silence to mean all was well with her.” She said then began sobbing out loud.

“Who would do something like this to my daughter?” Mr. Vanhuvangu asked again.

“We will figure this out, Mr. Vanhuvangu. This is my promise to you.” She then got up and said, “You should come with me to the station to identify the body.”

Husband and wife looked at each other. They embraced tearfully as they were about to be confronted by a parent’s worst nightmare.


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