NUST Cricket Squad Voodoo continues at 2018 Campus Cricket World Finals

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ZIMBABWE representatives at the 2018 Redbull Campus Cricket World Finals from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have put up a disappointing show in the two games they have played so far.

The Zimbabwe team has played against Pakistan and Bangladesh in T20 series World Finals in Srilanka.

On Sunday, the boys displayed one of the worst performances against Pakistan falling by 92 runs and 10 wickets.

On Monday, the team played Bangladesh who proved to be a thorn in flesh. NUST scored only 78 runs in 20 overs with the rival team sailing to as high as 218 runs, creating a gap of 140 runs between them.

This is not the first time NUST has represented Zimbabwe in this tournament and have continued to display unsportsmanlike performances in all chances they have been given.

ZIM 78 9  20 Ov    Bangladesh won by 140 runs  RBCC 2018   WF    Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe   Batsman   Cricket.png

Almost half of the players in the team have participated in the tournament before,hence, there are expectations that they could have learnt and found some experience to give a spirited performance and avoid embarrassment time and time again.


5 thoughts on “NUST Cricket Squad Voodoo continues at 2018 Campus Cricket World Finals”

  1. To the writer, please respect the hardwork and dedication we are putting into this tournament. You dont see anyone commenting on your bullshit english and writting skills.

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      1. There is no obligation for me to share information with petty third parties that already have a negative perceiption about our team.

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      2. Only facts were reported in this story. Team Zim is not being competitive and we cannot sugarcoat a dismal performance. Please up the ante in your next game against Sri Lanka comrades.


  2. Team Zimbabwe risk not to be invited again if they continue playing like this , you can’t be losing games as if u have not even trained guys. This is your chance to shine

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