5 Lessons from #VisaBae’s predicament

by Staff Writer

2 minute read

1. Be cautious of information you cannot fact check

Not everything you see on social media is legit and   is just another reminder that things on social media are not always what they seem to be(Think fake news also). Rutendo Tichiwangani (@RLT_) said that she did not own any of the clothes and designer bags she wore for the gram yet most potential suitors thought she was out of their league and her followers aspired to have her “fake” lifestyle. Be wise and cautious of anything you cannot fact check on social and mainstream media.

2. Get your priorities right

As Scott Caan said, “Good things happen when you get your priorities straight.”
#Visabae did not have to wait until a month was left to sort the Visa issue out. Surely, it is tempting to judge that she did not make it a priority. She knew for a reasonable amount of time as an adult that she had to fix her status in the UK and still did nothing about it. If she had heard Scott Caan’s wisdom in good time, she’d have saved herself all this drama.

3. Be driven by a cause not applause

When one has a cause, the motivation comes from within. You will not need to look outside yourself for approval or affirmation and you stop becoming a slave to the opinions of others. Just like in #Visabae’s case, not everyone was supportive. But she did not back down on her plea for help despite all the criticism and backlash.

4. You can’t rely on freelancing as a sustainable source of income

Despite the fact that the Gig Economy is growing, especially in the direction of online marketing and influencing (see Oxford Internet Institute’s Online Labour Index), it is best as a side hustle especially if you are freelancing. Even though #VisaBae has 70k followers on Instagram, she struggled to save up just over 2000 pounds. The problem could have been no income stability.

5. In life just be humble and be yourself nothing beats authenticity

#Visabae decided to be honest and transparent with her situation and ended up with an extra 2000 pounds for her Visa. We usually assume that others won’t understand and accept the truth, but if we gather up courage and step forward with the truth — it will be appreciated



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