Tragic death for NUST student

 A Second year Faculty of Medicine student at the National University of Science and Technology (Nust) collapsed and died while jogging in Bulawayo on Friday last week.

Bryan Ncube was jogging along Selous Avenue in North End suburb with his colleague Andile Dube, a third year student in the same faculty, when tragic struck.

Nust’s director of marketing and public relations Mr Felix Moyo described the incident as shocking saying Ncube was one of the most intelligent students in the country.

“We’re told that he got up in the morning and was jogging with his friend Andile Dube, a part three student in the Faculty of Medicine. He started complaining of chest pains and looked tired. Andile rendered first aid to him before asking people from neighbouring houses to call an ambulance,” said Mr Moyo.

He said medics in the ambulance confirmed him dead.

Police officers took statements before taking the body away. The staff members comprised Nust’s acting Vice Chancellor Professor Samson Sibanda, student division members Mr Peter Khumalo and Ms Stylish Magida.

Mr Moyo said the institution had informed Ncube’s family in Chiredzi of the tragic incident.

He said his death is a blow to the country and Nust as only extremely intelligent students are accepted in Nust’s Faculty of Medicine.

“It is a blow to us. To have a young person who qualifies for Nust’s Faculty of Medicine means he was a jewel of Zimbabwe. Having spent two years training with us means he had spent two fifths of his academic life with us,” Mr Moyo said.

He said Nust would counsel his classmates and Andile as the incident was traumatic to them.

“His classmates all came and our students division led by Peter Khumalo and Stylish Magida will ensure that they get counselled, in particular Andile who was with him,” said Mr Moyo.

Source: The Chronicle



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