Exam Tips

It is once again that time of the year when students sit for their end of semester examinations.  It is our sincere hope and wish that all students will excel and reap as sown. It is critical for candidates to embrace systematic study tips and examination day preparation tactics to increase chances of success. Here are a few tips:

    • Summarise class notes.
    • Attempt spontaneous mini self tests on notes read.
    • Utilise mnemonics and poems- to remember easily.
    • Create a sound revision plan which is evenly distributed for all the subjects with a minimum of 1hr 30mins per subject every day.
    • Get hold of past exam papers and analyse the trends and questioning
    • Establish study groups to tackle problem areas and also seek assistance from lecturers
    • A night before, have good nights sleep of between 5-8hours for a fresh start to an important day.
    • Before leaving your place of residence, check that you have packed the vital items required during the exam i.e. Student I.D., National I.D., Stationery; pens (2), pencil, sharpener, rubber/ eraser, watch and any other specialised items.
    • Relevant to your field of study like drawing boards, rot ring ink pens, e.t.c
    • Arrive at the exam venue at least an hour before, to counteract any potential physical and social barricades along the way.
  • In cases of need always consult the invigilators available for assistance.
    • Read the exam paper carefully taking note of all instructions.
    • Quickly plan the amount of time to spend on each question and always strive for balance.
    • Embark on questions you feel confident about.
    • Avoid spending more time on a particular section.ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Campus Moments Team


From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World.

By Sineke Sibanda



By Samantha Kuboni| NUST-ZW

Like a single pregnant woman, I have a need.

The kind that does not stop me from eating or wanting food that is out of season.

Like a drug addict, it does not get any better because the cravings are ulcerating,

cutting through my intestine,

making me bend over in agony.

Just like an abondoned baby with a cold cutting down its tiny spine,

tormented by hunger and yearning for its mother’s love…

I can not stop crying.

Like thirst that cannot can not be quenched

This need that I cannot satisfy is torture.

It is that kind of need.

I yearn for my mother’s love.

I can not shake off the disappointment that I have

to have to face the ills of this world without my rock

Left in the cold by cruel fate,

There are so many things that she could have taught me,

but one cannot choose how their life is to be.

I am saddened and burdened,

that there will be great & bitter moments in my life…

worthy to share, enjoy and lament with her,

unfortunately she is gone.

As i grow older and mature,

the ache for my mother’s love does not disappear…

it keeps knocking.

It is that kind of need…

Image Credits: quotesgram.com