What happened to the Ripe ‘n Ready girls?

Ambitious African

CMoK7DAWoAE1taT If she doesn’t recognise this ad she’s too young for you bro.

What happened to the Ripe ‘n Ready girls? We all had crushes (no Mazoe) on them right? Who doesn’t remember-slash-miss “Are you ready? Uh-huh! Ripe ‘n Ready!”? 

Wait, now I think about it perhaps we probably shouldn’t be promoting this ad at this time especially if one Prosecutor General is lurking around, lest he misconstrues it for consent.

I digress, the point is I yearn for the Zim of my childhood. A Zimbabwe where watching local television wasn’t the torture that it is today. The quality of the productions on the national broadcaster were class, even the ad breaks were enjoyable.

The Chibuku guy will forever be one of my favourites with his yellow shirt, polka dot socks and red handkerchief, akarova smart yake! I quite liked the Sun Jam ad because Nhapitapi Chete! And who didn’t want to be…

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